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Hello, and welcome to Our Purrrfect Home. My name is Chappi and I will be twelve years old on October 18th. My little brother Bubba will be eleven years old in January. We are both adopted, our Mom found us at the Animal Shelter. I love my Mom very much, but sometimes I don't like to be bothered with all the petting and kissing stuff.

My Mom does not allow us to go outside, we are strictly indoor people. Sometimes when she goes on the front porch, she lets us go out there with her. We stay right on the front porch and don't dart out after birds, rabbits and other things like that. Mom says there are terrible animals out there that would carry us off and we would never get to see her again.

I was a little bit lonely when my Mom would leave the house, and when she was always playing on her computer. Then one day she brought this skinny black and white little person home. I didn't like him at first, he would hiss at me. But very soon we touched noses and since then things have really been wonderful. I was so happy that she got me a little brother, his name is Bubba.

Bubba is so possesive of Mom, he's always jumping in her lap and runs me off of her bed. It would be nice to have a little sister someday, (I hope my Mom reads this!) Thank you for coming to visit us, and do come back soon.....purrr, Chapi


Hi, I'm Bubba, and some people think that I am a little bit spoiled. I guess that's because I am the baby around here. My Mom says her baby sister Laraine is spoiled too. I do like to have Mom all to myself. I always wake her up about 4:00 AM. Sometimes she goes back to sleep, but she likes to get up early too.

It's really neat having a big sister. My sister Chappi has taught me lots of things. We like to catch bugs, especially crickets. They try to jump away from us, but most of the time we can catch them.

I like our family just the way it is and I hope Mom doesn't get another little person around here. I really like being the baby and getting all this attention for myself. That's the same way my Mom said her sister Laraine was about being the baby in her family.

Thank you for stopping by and next time you come over I will show you how big I have grown. Come back real soon...Bubba

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Hello Chapi and Bubba. I just wanted to tell you how you have blessed my life since I found you. I never knew that having a cat could be so wonderful. A few years ago I went to visit my children in California. My grand daughter Sharon and my grandson Michael has a cat and while visiting them, their little cat pulled at my heartstrings. It was shortly after I came home I began to think about getting a cat. I am so glad that I found both of you...it was love at first sight. I just love the way you sit in the window and watch for me to come home, and then you run to the door to greet me, and roll over and over to show me how happy you are to see me. You are the bestest cats in the whole world, you just never do anything wrong. I just don't know what I would ever do without you. Thank you for your sweet cuddles and the love you give to me.....love MOM

...and thank you my Sharon Rose and Michael for showing me how wonderful it is, to have a little kitty cat to love me..... love Neena



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